Day of Love

Happy Day of Love 💕

I love talking about growth, and today I’d love to share about my journey of learning or remembering to love myself.

You see, from my perspective, our society isn’t set up to encourage us to authentically love ourselves, if anything, certain things appear to be in place encouraging the opposite.

I had to relearn how to love my hair, my body, my personality, my soul… the strong willed soul inside of me that can feel and see so much.

I hear cute stories of me being a child and saying “No” so clearly and sturdily, and that’s something I had “lost” or “forgotten”. I had to relearn how to say “No”, so I could say “Yes” to my hair… to my strength.

It is still a journey, because, if a world where so many people forgot how to say “No”, me saying “No”… it’s kind of unconventional.

Saying “Yes” to doing something you don’t want to is like saying “No” to your self…

The journey is also not linear, some days “No” are easy, some days they are hard.

I can’t say that it’s easy… or that it’s not a day to day process.

I can say I am so grateful to chose to do this … daily, because little by little, I can feel
Freedom and
no matter what.

May All Beings Be Free ❤️❤️❤️ #valentines


Dannah Perez

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