You can find me in California, when I’m not in Georgia or perhaps Florida. Except for when I’m visiting family abroad unless I’m exploring a new location around the World. In this picture I’m in Tennessee 😁

Originally I come from Venezuela, and I also grew up in Georgia until I finished growing up in Florida. Work brought me to California, my latest and maybe favorite new Home.

In Venezuela, there is this tradition on New Year’s Eve day where at midnight, you leave your house with suitcases to bring lots of travel to your life … I think I did that… (too) many many times.

Now here I am, with a place I call home for the 22nd time (Swipe left to see how I felt when I realized I had moved 22 times … 😅🤪), but for the first time a place to myself (with out house mates).

Yet I am in my second Home, at my mother’s Home, in Georgia. Where I have a huge community that makes it feel so much like Home.

And I’m heading back “Home” next week, where I plan to put up the holy days and decorate my own Home for the first time.

However, I am learning and integrating that Home isn’t a place.. it’s more of a feeling or a piece in my heart, which means there are so many places I can call Home all over the world

🌎 Home resides inside my heart ❤️ and that means, I can make myself (or any one) feel at home anywhere at any time 🥰 Have you felt this ?

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