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Hey, welcome to my page 🙂

Thank you for joining me on this journey of growth and mastery.

This is my blog 🙂 short stories of big growing sprouts, I’ll capture rest too… because now I know better than to forget to rest.

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About Dannah:

Committed to her ongoing career development and professional advancement, Dannah is the Operations Manager at GameSim and CEO of I Am Your Team. Her aim is to make an impact in the community by combining her skills in executive and finance with her expertise in creating a collaborative work environment. Dannah’s notable relevant educational achievements include an Associate of Art in Biology from Seminole Community College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. She is a Youth Mental Health First Aid Certified who promotes conscious living. Dannah started her career as a Executive Assistant and worked her way into being an administrative coordinator, and finally Operations Manager.  Through it all, she has been molded into a friendly, competent, and driven professional who wants to see the Conscious Evolution and Self & Community Healing transforms the future.

  • Day of Love
    Happy Day of Love 💕 I love talking about growth, and today I’d love to share about my journey of learning or remembering to love myself. You see, from my perspective, our society isn’t set up to encourage us to authentically love ourselves, if anything, certain things appear to be in place encouraging the opposite.Continue reading “Day of Love”
  • Home?
    You can find me in California, when I’m not in Georgia or perhaps Florida. Except for when I’m visiting family abroad unless I’m exploring a new location around the World. In this picture I’m in Tennessee 😁 Originally I come from Venezuela, and I also grew up in Georgia until I finished growing up inContinue reading “Home?”
  • Winter Solstice 2021
    Yesterday I walked into the mountains as the sun set, with my sister @suzanneyvetteobando , to celebrate the Winter Solstice. The further in we got, the darker it was. Passing people by as they were leaving … to avoid the dark, and we were just arriving, right after dark. A man asked if we hadContinue reading “Winter Solstice 2021”